Banquet Hall

Banquet Hall

With a capacity of having more than 300 guests, with separate AC and Non-AC halls, The TFC Reception Hall is the ideal place for your special occasions.

Every hall has every facility needed to hold your event the way you want. So, when you are about to give the order to TFC Reception Hall there is no need to thing about it twice!

Facilities alone are not enough. There must be a crew who makes our services uniquely and conveniently cater your needs. Our trained and qualified crew can tackle any situation.

We must also mention about our special Reception Hall Menu. We have created diffrent menus for different events such as weddings, seminars, day outs and so on. Every menu is given a reasonable price tag for your convenience as it is the first thing on our minds.


The wedding day is the most wonderfull day of a person’s life. We, at TFC Reception Hall belive that every one should have a memorable wedding day.

We act the way we belive. So, place your trust on us to make your wedding day a successful and a joyful one.

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