When we say we are an A-Grade À la carte restaurant, we mean it! An À la carte restaurant should be able to serve any order within a minimum amount of time. The dedicated crew of our restaurant is always ready to serve your order as soon as possible. If you want you can enjoy your meal at home with our Take Away service.

And for your convenience the restaurant is divided so you can choose between air-conditioned Family Restaurent and non air-conditioned restaurant.

We should also mention about the chefs of our restaurant. They are highly trained and have the knowladge about almost any recipe in the book. We can guarantee that the food they make will have the original taste they should have.

In our restaurant menu, we have a number of dishes, both local and foreign and every dish is served with a unique TFC touch. We invite you to come to our restaurant and enjoy the delicious food and the warm hospitality !




The Kitchen


TFC kitchen is very special. As you walk into the restaurant, you can see the tidy kitchen of ours. We are capable of presenting our kitchen to you as because we take care of keeping every step of cooking clean and in superior quality.

Our open kitchen also guarantees you that the food you eat, comes from fresh and natural sources so you can enjoy your meals without any dought in mind.

TFC kitchen is equiped with all the equipment that a modern restaurant kitchen should have. That and our skilled kitchen crew is actually our secret ingredients.